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Nea Plagia

The area Nea Plagia is located just 44 kilometers away from Macedonia Airport and 50 kilometers away from the center of Thessaloniki. The current residents of the area are refugees who came from eastern Thrace after 1922. As in the old homelands, the majority of the residents are engaged in agriculture.

The area seems to have been inhabited since prehistoric times. During the exchange of populations between Turks and Greeks in 1922, Greek refugees moved to today's Greek territory. From the refugee villages that were founded in Halkidiki in the 1930s, 23 of them settled inareas belonging to Mount Athos. Among these villages was Nea Plagia. The area of Nea Plagia was then called "Karamani" and previously "Volvos" (Volvos was also called the area of Flogita). The area of Nea Plagia was then a land belonging to the Monastery of Iveron on Mount Athos.

Now History has faded and in Nea Plagia there is only an old bridge, like a trail from those “stone” days. Since 1975, Growth and Tourism have taken the lead and have transformed Nea Plagia into a summer resort!

At Nea Plagia Beach you can now find restaurants, fast food, cafes, bars and any other kind of shop. There are also Luna Park, swings and playgrounds for our little friends.

So close to Thessaloniki and at the same time in the majestic Halkidiki! With a 3 km long coastline, the area is an ideal destination for all visitors who want to savor the beach and the sea!


"Halkidiki, like here nowhere", as properly argued by the residents of northern Greece!

Numerous enchanting beaches, clear blue-green waters, colorful rich nature, heavily exciting history, are just some of the reasons that make Halkidiki a unique destination.

Adding to all this the Greek cuisine and the hospitality of the locals, the visit of every interested person turns into a unique experience!


The beach of N. Plagia is connected to the beach of N. Flogita and creates a 3-kilometer long coast that makes it one of the largest beaches in Halkidiki.

Our beach is one of the most organized in Halkidiki, as it is accessible all the way, while there are umbrellas with sun loungers, lifeguards and showers at high frequency.

It's no coincidence that it has been awarded with the "Blue Flag" quality symbol !